La Maschera Di Cera project take life 2001 when Fabio Zuffanti ( bass player with Finisterre and with a lot of other projects ) decide to form a  group who could re-create the glorious tradition of the italian progressive sound of the ’70.

In  2001 Zuffanti is joined by a group of musicians: the Finisterre keyboards player Agostino Macor , the  Finisterre drummer Marco Cavani , the singer Alessandro Corvaglia ( he plays the role of  Merlin on Merlin rock opera  ) and the flute player Andrea Monetti ( Alhambra, Ku, Embryo ). Zuffanti and Macor works togheter  on the music of La Mashera Di Cera suite ( that is the first song composed by Zuffanti in 1991 ) and to other 3 songs to form the  concept of the first record


“LA MASCHERA DI CERA” comes out in may on Mellow Records label and it’s soon a great succes. The press define the cd “THE BEST ITALIAN PROG ALBUM FROM ALPHATAURUS” ( 1973 )

During spring and summer the group plays many concerts in Italy and in september starts the recording of the new CD.


The new MDC’s work entitled “IL GRANDE LABIRINTO” come out in March on Mellow records. In April Maurizio Di Tollo began the new MDC drummer and from June to October MDC plays in Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Swiss with great success. In September MDC sign with the IMMAGINIFICA label directed by PFM’s drummer Franz Di Cioccio.


In 2004 MDC plays in Italy, Spain, Swiss and Belgium and come out the DVD: “GOUVEIA art rock 2003” with the film of the concert in Portugal and the first official live cd: “MASCHERA DI CERA IN CONCERTO”, recorded at the  Spirit of 66 of Verviers ( Belgium )


On march Maschera Di Cera begins the recordings of the third studio album, produced by Franz Di Cioccio. The recordings sessions and the mixing finish in september. In the meantime the group plays concerts in Italy and in Belgium where now a grat number of passionate fans follows all the band’s gigs.


On March the new albun called “LUXADE” comes out on Immaginifica records produced by Franz Di Cioccio (PFM). MDC pkays in concerts in Italy, Belgium and France


MDC play at Nearfest with great success. Starts the works on the writing of the new album


A year of a little stop for MDC that continue the works for the new album and play at PROGSUD festival in Marseille (France)


MATTEO NAHUM join MDC as guitar Player


Again under the guidance of Franz Cioccio, the band released its fourth album “PETALI DI FUOCO”. In November 2010, MDC is host of the largest Italian festival of progressive rock, Prog Exhibition. MDC plays with prog legends such as Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), PFM, Banco, Orme, Osanna and many foreign guests. From the two evenings of the festival is done five times a DVD which clearly shows the strong performance of the band.


MDC returns to a quintet for the abandonment of the guitarist Nahum and celebrates the tenth anniversary of his birth. For the occasion they played a concert where the first album is playing in its entirety along with a roundup on remaining production and some new song.



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